How to Find Audience from Fanspage (Comment Only)

Watch this video to Find Audience from Fanspage (Comment Only) :

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading. Follow these steps to Find Audience from Fanspage (Comment Only) :

1. Click “FANS PAGE FINDER ” Feature

7 fanspage finder

2. Type keywords what do you want, click Find Fanspage, wait until finished then copy Page ID You want.

You can get url by double click, and get the Page ID with right click

3. Check the fanpage, is it really the fanspage you want and check the number of his likes

fanspage finder check


1 find audience from fanspage comment only

5. Paste the Page ID into the field then click start

You can insert page id more than one, but always make sure the space is at the end of ID.

fanpage comment extract

6. Wait until finished

fanspage comment simpleaudien