The Data Obtained Is Too Little

If your Search Results result too little from Groups and Fanspage.

Example: You dig from a Group or Fanspage with a large number of members (eg 100,000 members), while the data you get is very small (eg only 600 people).

This is because SimpleAudien is really looking for valid data based on people who have interactions (like, share and comments) in the group or Fanspage, So people with no interaction will be ignored.

For that, you can check directly to the group or the fanpage, where the people – the active person is no more than the amount of data you get (600 people) it.

Certainly according to the purpose of SimpleAudien:
ie only looking for valid people’s data has interaction with group submissions and fanspage, of course we all know that the valuable data is data that is completely valid.

Because in fact not all groups and fanspage member is active, here you really get real data according to its reality.

For that you can increase the number of Groups and other Fansapage, to be explored active member using Group search tools and Fanspage.