Collect More Email & Database From Google Map

Isn’t enough database from Simpleaudien & Facebookleads?

Now you can also get email and phone numbers from Google Maps + you can send mass messages (SMS sender) via scrapersender

What can the scrapersender do?

Google Map Scraper And Sms Sending Tool can help you have a database without limits through these features

Google Map Extractor

You can get thousands of e-mails and mobile phone numbers from Google Map account owners with just one click

Scrape Target by Keyword

You can scrape the database according to the keywords you want

Scrape Target by Location

You can scrape the database according to the location you want

google map extractor

Sms Sender

Blast SMS to the mobile number you have from scrape or import at local rates without a modem.

no annual payment lifetime

One time payment & lifetime. No hidden fees

Open Sender Sms Services

You can open sms blast services. of course, 100% profit for you.


Why you need to buy Google map extractor tool?

By using Google map extractor you can get email and phone number database from Google map. with large database, it will easy to targeting them with Facebook custom audience, Google ads customer list, email marketing and whatsapp or sms marketing.

Get email and mobile numbers from Google Maps for Facebook Custom Audiences

Collect email and mobile numbers from Google Maps to upload to Google marketing list

Scrape email and mobile number from google map for your email marketing

Get email and mobile number from google map for your whatsapp or sms marketing.


The easy way to collect databases

google map extractor

Search by using keywords and location. Get data in the form of name, rating, city, phone, email, address, website and google map link

You can directly send messages to numbers obtained from the Google Map Extractor, or you can also import numbers from a database that you have

sms sender


Get more database from Google map now!



google map extractor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scrapersender is Google Map Scraper and Sms Sender tools that will help you have a UNLIMITED database.

Sorry, the Google map scraper not available yet for MAC. Currently only for windows. A minimum of Windows 2010 is recommended

SMS sender is a tool to send messages to many numbers at once on the desktop, you only need to connect it to the mobile apps

You don’t need to pay us anymore. but you will be charged according to the provider that you use on the mobile phone.

yes, lifetime licenses, there are no monthly or annual fees.

sorry, for lifetime software there is no refund

If have further questions, please Contact us

google map extractor      is window software to collect
      email and phone number from
      google maps + bulk sms sender

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Disclaimer: All risks and legal consequences of misuse of this tool are the responsibility of non-vendor users.