Fill Message

1. Message Content

– Message text: A message containing text.
– Multi-talent messages: Messages that can be sent can be in the form of contacts + text, text, images + text, videos + text, audio + text, document + text. Supported extensions are:
Image: JPG, PNG.
Audio: MP3, M4A.
Video: MP4.
Document: PDF, Word, Excel, TXT.

2. Spin Text

The spin text function is used to make alternative words randomly and make each message that we blast have different words. This can reduce the risk of being banned.

3. Calling the Contact Name (tag)

The function of naming contacts is to create promotional messages that seem personal by mentioning the target name.

4. Use of Emoji

Create a message in the WEB Whatsapp message column along with the emoji to be inserted and then copy the message and enter it in the sending message column